Our Mission, Vision & Values

At Fremont Health, we strive to bring you unparalleled quality healthcare — the latest technology, highly trained professionals and a dedication to personal care that sets us apart.

Our Mission

To improve the health and wellness of people in the communities we serve

Our Vision

To passionately pursue excellence in health care in collaboration with physicians and staff

Our Five Core Values

Compassion: We provide care with dignity, concern, kindness and a respect for the diversity of our community. We seek to treat patients, residents, their families and colleagues as we ourselves would wish to be treated.

Respect: We recognize and value the unique contribution of each member of our FAMC family - staff member, volunteer, or physician - and value the rights of our patients, residents and their families. We know differences may arise, but treat each other with consideration while seeking compromise.

Integrity: We maintain the highest levels of personal and professional conduct, being consistent, honest and fair in everything we do. We honor the dignity and recognize the worth of each person.

Teamwork: We value collaboration with our colleagues and work as a team to meet the needs of those who seek care. We believe that collaboration and cooperation among individuals, departments, and organizations benefit those we serve by fostering efficiency, growth, and creative thinking. Working together allows us to accomplish more than we can achieve individually.

Innovation: We value new ideas, recognizing that innovation and change are the keys to ensuring that the care we offer today is always better than yesterday's. We encourage new knowledge and promote change to improve our services, programs, processes and operations.