Who's Visited Us

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Cindy Stollberg's class from Washington

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Kirsti Booth's class from Bell

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Marsha Johnson's class from Howard

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Emily Essen's class from Howard

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Joe Hamilton's class from Clarmar

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Karen Kavan's class from Clarmar


Leslie Hunke's Class from Linden


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Elizabeth Fedde's class from Arlington


Stacie Murphy's class from Trinity

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Julie Rasmussens's class from Linden

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Angie Gross class from Grant


Jill Russman class from Milliken Park

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Sarah Trimpe's class from Milliken Park


Joey B's class from Grant

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During the school year, Fremont Health welcomes area Third Grade Classes to tour the Medical Center. If your group is interested in touring the facility, call Public Relations at (402) 727-3844.