Diabetes Care

Over 20 million Americans have diabetes and another 54 million have prediabetes. This life-long disease presents difficult challenges. Fremont Health Medical Center's comprehensive diabetes services can provide patients with essential education and support to help manage the disease and reduce the risk of complications.

People of all ages with diabetes can find help through our classes, individual appointments, and support groups. Fremont Health Medical Center offers services for those with prediabetes, type 1 or type 2 diabetes, as well as for those with diabetes and pregnancy.

Our Programs

Fremont Health is an area leader in diabetes education and awareness. Our team includes a diabetes case manager, registered nurse, registered dietitian, registered pharmacist, and physical therapist. Our experienced professionals are here to assist and support patients with this chronic disease so they can live full, healthy, productive lives.

Your Best Life: Preventing Diabetes (Prediabetes Program)

A free program open to the community for those with prediabetes (blood sugars are elevated above normal, but are not high enough to warrant a diagnosis of diabetes) or risk factors for developing diabetes. Classes are held quarterly. Includes disease process, nutrition and exercise components. No physician referral or registration required.

Diabetes Self-Management

A comprehensive course for people living with diabetes, those newly diagnosed, or those in need of further education. This program will equip you with the skills and understanding you need to manage your diabetes. It covers every aspect of diabetes management — meal planning, medication, blood glucose monitoring, exercise, prevention of complications, and coping strategies — and is taught by a diabetes educator, a registered dietitian, a registered pharmacist and a physical therapist. Reimbursed by Medicare and most private insurance companies. Physician referral and patient registration required.

Living Well with Diabetes (Support Group)

These interactive quarterly sessions focus on timely issues and topics of interest to individuals with diabetes, and their families.

Gestational Diabetes Program

Individualized instruction provided by a diabetes educator and a registered dietitian for self-management of diabetes during pregnancy. Physician referral and patient registration required. Blood glucose meter provided.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Evaluation of continuous blood glucose readings over a 72-hour period, correlated with nutritional intake and medication.

Individual Nutritional Counseling

Medical nutrition therapy for disease management or overall health. Reimbursed by Medicare and most private insurance companies.

If you have questions about the disease or its management, contact our diabetes case manager at (402) 727-3355.