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Fremont Health enjoys a positive relationship with the community and values the opportunity to participate as a community member. Promotional partnerships (also referred to as sponsorships) promote goodwill with Fremont Health constituents, while promoting our brand.

Fremont Health does not support state and national non-profit fundraising events. This is due to the fact these types of organizations are not locally funded, nor do they require our funding for local programming. Similarly these sponsorships can conflict with and contradict Fremont Health’s own fundraising efforts.

As a non-profit organization, Fremont Health does not make monetary donations to another organization. Any request for a partnership/sponsorship request that exceeds $1,500 requires the approval of Fremont Health’s Executive Team with final approval from the Board of Trustees.

Organizations will be required to submit an invoice or letter with a dollar amount stated, and will be paid by corporate check on the same schedule as all other vendors. Organizations should make their request at least 4 weeks prior to the event/program.



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