Outpatient Services


Fremont Health's Behavioral Health outpatient clinic is a comprehensive mental wellness clinic offering psychiatric evaluation and medication management; mental health assessment; and individual, family and group therapy for patients age two through adulthood. Patients do not need a physician referral to receive these outpatient services.

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Depression Risk Assessment


Millions of people in the U.S. suffer from depression. A stressful life event, genetics, physical illness, medications, drug or alcohol abuse, or hormone levels can trigger an episode of depression.

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Inpatient Services


Fremont Health's inpatient behavioral health center features 20 private patient rooms for persons ages 19 and older. It is physically separated into two distinct units — one for adult patients, and the other for geriatric patients. These units provide acute care to voluntary and involuntary patients in a safe and therapeutic environment, while maintaining the highest level of patient privacy, dignity and confidentiality.

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Finding Help

Mental illnesses are not the result of personal weakness or lack of character, they are biologically-based brain disorders, and willpower alone is not the solution.

One in four adults experience some sort of mental health disorder, and although many are treatable with medication and through behavioral therapy, psychosocial treatment, and support groups, millions of Americans don't seek treatment.

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Support Groups


Fremont Health offers a number of support groups that offer support, understanding, and helpful information.

Support Groups

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