daVinci® testimonials

The following statements are from real people treated by Dr. Paulos Yohannes.

"I am very pleased with the daVinci. I was able to return to work only 10 days after surgery on a part time basis. At the end of 3-4 weeks I was back to work full time and walking two and one half miles. My continence returned almost immediately, with very few problems."    -Mike Aerni, Fremont, Nebraska

"I am very glad I selected Dr. Yohannes to do my prostate cancer surgery. His skill and the daVinci system allowed me to have a very rapid recovery and no incontinence problems. I started back to my routine of running about 5 miles a day two months after the surgery!"    -Peter Ogren, Daphne, Alabama

"The robotic daVinci surgery put me back on my feet in half the time."    -Dennis, Wichita, Kansas (53 years old)

"As a 47 year old self-employed contractor who works out three times a week, the thought of incontinence and erectile dysfunction were my major concerns. The relief I felt a week after my catheter was removed - I was completely continent of urine. Two months after surgery my wife and I were experiencing a fulfilled sex life without medication. I could not have been more satisfied with the rapid recovery by the daVinci surgery."    -Dan Serlet, Omaha, Nebraska

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