When to visit

Visit Type 1st Choice Doctor’s Office  2nd Choice Urgent Care Center (after-hours; weekends) Emergency Department
Annual Well Visit  X
Care Management (diabetes, blood pressure, COPD, asthma, other chronic illnesses) X
Minor Depression X
Upset Stomach X X
Headache X X
Minor Burns X X
Minor Lacerations  X X
Fever/Cold/Flu X X
Sore Throat X X
Urinary Tract Infections  X X
Upper Respiratory Infections  X X
Bronchitis  X X
Skin Rashes/Skin Infections  X X
Strains/Sprains  X X
Fractures X X
Abdominal Pain X
Coughing or Vomiting Blood X
Chest Pain  X
Suspect Stroke & Heart Attack X
Difficulty Breathing  X
Seizures X
Severe Burns  X
Deep Cuts/Severe Bleeding  X
Loss of Consciousness  X
Large Bone Fractures/Breaks  X
Knife or Gunshot Wounds  X
Suicidal Thoughts/Wanting to Hurt Others  X
If an emergency could be life-threatening, dial 9-1-1.