2013 Cancer Annual Report

Prostate Cancer Survival Rate

Standard 1.12 Prostate Cancer Outcome Report for 2013

Prostate cancer is the most common malignancy treated through the cancer program at Fremont Health Medical Center, with stage 2 being the most frequently encountered.

Stage profile


Treatment Pattern:

Clinical stage 1 and 2 disease is most commonly treated with a daVinci assisted prostatectomy and this treatment pattern could explain the higher percentage of stage 3 disease treated through this facility. A recent analysis of 2012 prostatectomy cases revealed that a number of clinical stage 2 prostate cancers were actually stage 3 when the resected specimen was histologically evaluated.

Treatment Pattern for Stage 3 Prostate Cancer:




Radical prostatectomy is the first course of treatment for the majority of patients treated through Fremont Health Medical Center.

This procedure has lead to the discovery of a greater number of stage 3 prostate cancers than the national data indicate.

Nationally, 63% of stage 3 prostate cancers are treated with surgery only and the remaining 37% receive some form of additional therapy.

At Fremont Health Medical Center, 50% of the stage 3 prostate cancers are treated with surgery only and 50% receive additional therapies in the form of hormones, radiation or systemic therapy.



There is slightly greater use of adjuvant therapy for stage 3 prostate cancer cases treated thru Fremont Health than nationally.