Billing & Insurance

Fremont Health Care for Women has contracts with most major insurance companies and those that Fremont Health Medical Center participates with. If you have any questions regarding our doctors being “in-network”, you may contact our office, however, we may ask that you contact your insurance company directly to confirm this.

We will file all of your insurance claims, and if you have a private cancer policy we will provide the information that you need to file the claim.

We will complete your disability form, however, we need your portion of the form completed and signed. You will also need to complete the Patient Authorization For Use And Disclosure Of Protected Health Information form.

If you have a co-pay, we need to collect it at the time of service. There are some services and procedures that are not covered by insurance. We may ask for payment at the time of service in these cases.

If you have no insurance we expect payment the day of your office visit. If this involves a surgery or delivery, we will work with you on a payment plan.

If you cannot pay your bill in a timely manner please contact us to work out a payment plan.

If you have a past due account and have not contacted us or followed through with payments, we will take action to recover money owed.