Biomechanical Movement Analysis

Biomechanical Analysis of Sport-specific Movement Patterns

Fremont Health Medical Center's biomechanical analysis service provides vital information to help athletes and coaches prevent injury and enhance athletic performance.

Beneficial for athletes of all sports, especially:

  • baseball: throwing and pitching
  • softball: throwing and pitching
  • volleyball: jumping, approach and swing
  • football: throwing
  • running
  • Tennis: serve, forehand and backhand

The Benefits:

  • Facilitates injured athletes' return to sports
  • Enhances athletic function
  • Lessens the risk of stress and overuse injuries

How It's Done:

Multi-camera, high-definition video analysis of throwing motion utilizing the same software used during broadcasts of the Olympics (providing the special overlays and camera effects) and in the training of many elite athletes. A home-based correction and rehabilitation program is provided, if needed.

One month follow-up with re-filming included. Cost is $150. Open to all athletes, 9th grade and older.

Call Fremont Health Medical Center's Rehab Services at (402) 727-3329 for more information or to make an appointment.