Primary Site Analysis

Primary Site Analysis 2010

In 2010, there were 251 new analytic cases added to the tumor registry at Fremont Area Medical Center. The five most common sites were prostate, breast, lung, colorectal, and bladder. In 2008, the five most common sites in Nebraska were prostate, breast, lung, colorectal, and bladder, with lymphoma being the sixth most common site. There were more bladder cancers listed in the FAMC tumor registry because the diagnostic and treatment procedure has been shifted to FAMC from a private facility.

Prostate cancer continues to have the highest percentage of new cases each year mostly because of the screening program employed through physician offices and the wide referral area that has developed for the specialized surgical services related to this disease site.

In 2010, lung cancer was the third most commonly reported site in the FAMC tumor registry, which has been its historical position. The stage distribution for these cases deviates slightly from the national profile with a greater percentage listed as stage 4.

For this reason, lung cancer has been selected as a site specific study because of the inherent difficulties in dealing with this disease process.