Outpatient Services

Outpatient procedures include colonoscopies, bone marrow biopsies, IV therapies and blood transfusions. Our outpatient specialty clinics include:

  • Pain Management Clinic – administers helpful pain-controlling procedures
  • Pulmonary Clinic – provides diagnosis and therapy for breathing problems
  • Vascular Clinic – provides evaluations of the circulatory system, surgical procedures and follow-up monitoring
  • Neuro-Spine Clinic - treats diseases and conditions affecting the brain, the spine and spinal cord, and the peripheral nerves

This department is comprised of registered nurses, with support provided by a Technical Specialist. The nursing staff’s commitment to the community is demonstrated by the fact that as a department, they average 25 years of service at Fremont Health Medical Center. They have brought skills from specialty areas such as pediatrics, emergency room, intensive care and obstetrics to the procedure area in order to provide comprehensive, skilled nursing care to the patients they serve.

The department can be accessed by using Entrance A off of Clarkson Street and the doors marked Patient Entrance East location.

To schedule an appointment with one of these clinics, please call (402) 727-3882.