Living Our Values

These standards of behavior were developed by a group of employees representing a cross section of our workforce to reflect Fremont Health’s core values and commitment to service excellence. By making an official commitment to practice these standards, we reinforce them, acknowledge that they are expected behaviors and encourage employees to practice them diligently. Our commitment to practice these behaviors will provide excellent healthcare for our community and a positive work environment.


  • I will smile warmly and introduce myself
    • I will identify myself and my department in a clear and concise manner, both in person and on the phone
  • I will speak and act as if everything I do is a pleasure
    • I will show enthusiasm for my job and take pride in working at Fremont Health
  • I will be welcoming and supportive to new employees
  • I will take care of myself, having a balance between work, family and personal interests
  • I will stop and offer help
    • I will physically escort the customer to their destination


  • I will treat my fellow Fremont Health employees with courtesy and respect
    • I will use "please" and "thank you"
    • I will be honest and kind in my actions
  • I will respect my customer’s time by:
    • Taking immediate action on concerns, complaints, requests and questions
    • I will apologize for delays and mistakes
  • I will behave in ways that honor myself and others
  • I will avoid discussing staffing issues with patients or visitors
  • I will act, look and dress in a professional manner
  • I will wear my name badge while at work, and make sure it is visible
  • I will smile, greet, and make eye contact in all of my interactions


  • I will practice the use of AIDET in my daily work
  • I will be honest and kind in all of my interactions with fellow employees and customers
  • I will maintain the highest levels of personal and professional conduct
  • I will coach in private and commend in public
  • I will follow through and take personal accountability for my actions, behaviors and results
  • I will acknowledge and communicate time expectations and explain delays


  • I will acknowledge and answer patient requests in a timely manner and as promptly as possible
  • I will work as a team, being supportive of others to develop professional relationships
  • I will resolve differences in the spirit of cooperation
  • I will respect my fellow Fremont Health employees by:
    • Working when scheduled
    • Arriving to work on time
    • Performing my duties efficiently and with care
  • I will speak highly of my fellow employees and be complimentary of their skills and value
  • I will communicate clearly and kindly
    • Provide specific time expectations when asked to help
    • I will use common language
  • I will stop and ask the patient “may I help you?” when I see an unanswered call light


  • I will work to solve problems by providing solutions and alternatives
  • I will promote Fremont Health programs and events
  • I will be open to change and seek clarification when I do not understand
  • I will positively represent Fremont Health in the community and within the walls of Fremont Health
  • I will actively participate in Fremont Health committees
  • I will make an effort to volunteer my time for Fremont Health events and activities when able