Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

The stereotactic technique allows radiologists and surgeons to very accurately locate a suspicious lesion, then, through use of a biopsy needle, take a tiny section of tissue for examination and diagnosis, without surgery.

Lumps or abnormalities in the breast are usually detected by physical examination or mammography. A breast biopsy is performed to remove some cells from the suspicious area in the breast in order to examine them under a microscope. Biopsy can be performed surgically to remove part or all of a tumor. But when a lesion cannot be felt during examination and is only detected through imaging (such as mammography or ultrasound) stereotactic biopsy may be used. In this case, a special mammography machine is used to help the radiologist guide a hollow needle to the site of the abnormal growth. This image guidance helps the radiologist precisely locate the abnormality within the breast.

Our Women's Imaging Center provides a comfortable environment for women who undergo this procedure.