What to Bring

You should limit the items you bring to the hospital to those needed for your stay (pajamas, night gown, robe, slippers and toiletries). Please do not bring excessive clothing, jewelry, cash, debit or credit cards, etc.  

Valuables or cash in excess of $10 should be given to your nurse to be placed in the Medical Center's safe. Patients assume responsibility for loss or damage to any valuables kept in their rooms.  Fremont Health advises that all valuables be sent home with family members, if possible.  

To avoid losing personal assistive devices, such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, dentures, etc., during your stay:

  • Use a denture cup labeled with your name (your nurse can provide one).
  • Place your personal items inside a drawer when not in use.
  • Do not leave items on top of cabinets, shelves or over-the-bed trays.
  • Do not leave items on your food tray.
  • Do not wrap items in napkins or tissue.
  • Do not place items in pockets of your patient gown or robe or under your pillow.