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Fremont Wound Center Celebrates Anniversary
Fremont Area Medical Center’s (FAMC) Center for Wound Healing is marking its one year anniversary, and many people have good reason to celebrate. Over the past 12 months, the staff at the wound center has healed over 230 difficult-to-heal wounds – wounds impervious to conventional treatments.

For most people, cuts and scratches heal within days or weeks. But for an individual whose natural healing process is hampered, a simple sore can become a complex medical problem.

One patient treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) at the wound center was essentially out of options – his diabetic foot ulcer had become so unmanageable it looked like amputation was inevitable. But his family physician in Columbus suggested one last attempt at saving the foot and referred him to FAMC’s Center for Wound Healing. And happily, after many HBO treatments, the patient’s extremity was saved.

“Infected foot ulcers are one of the biggest causes of hospitalization for patients with diabetes and so many of them lead to lower extremity amputation,” explains Dr. Angela Sukstorf, infectious disease specialist and co-medical director of the Center. “Losing a limb is traumatic and debilitating enough, but what’s even worse is that the mortality rate after amputations actually doubles.”

The specialized treatment provided at the wound center isn’t just for people with complications from chronic diseases – it has given new hope to patients with crush injuries, burns and other traumatic wounds. According to Dr. Sukstorf, the Center has treated patients ranging in age from three years old up to 98 and has a success rate of 98.9%.

“We try to work very closely with the patient’s primary physician,” says Sukstorf. “They can be instrumental in developing a care plan specifically tailored for the individual, and they supervise ongoing and routine medical care.”

Dr. Stephen Dreyer, general surgeon, is co-medical director, and Dr. Keith Leatherbury, a panel physician and general surgeon, also directs patient care at the Center for Wound Healing.

For more information about the wound care program, its treatments, or to schedule an appointment, please call the Center for Wound Healing at (402) 727-3351.