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New Blood Pressure Testing Kiosk at YMCA

Heart Check KioskHigh blood pressure is often called the “Silent Killer.” Now Fremont Family YMCA members and visitors are able to clearly and accurately test their blood pressure for free with the help of an all-new, state-of-the-art blood pressure testing kiosk called the Heart Check Center ™.

This convenient and easy-to-use blood pressure testing kiosk was installed in July at the Hazel R. Keene Wellness Center at the Fremont Family YMCA, 810 N. Lincoln Ave, and is provided by Fremont Health.

The Heart Check Center is unlike any other blood pressure testing kiosk in the U.S.

  • It gives results that are focused on systolic/diastolic and pulse rate monitoring.
  • Every person who sits down to take the two-minute test can record the results and share with his or her physician.
  • Results can be emailed instantly to those who want to keep tabs on their blood pressure and body mass index results.
  • All test results and information gathered is kept private and confidential.
  • An informative click-through option provides information about upcoming events and classes, as well as other services available at Fremont Health to help improve overall health and wellness.

“This new kiosk at the YMCA is a great way to increase awareness and educate the public on the importance of regular blood pressure screening,” says Jill Gossett, Community Health and Wellness Coordinator at Fremont Health. “Keeping blood pressure in a safe range is one of the key health values individuals should monitor, and just knowing those numbers is the first step to a healthier life.”

According to Gossett, within the first month of use, 386 people have completed blood pressure evaluations/screenings. Of those users, 31 percent of men and 27 percent of women were found to be hypertensive (140/90 and above) at time of screening, while 26 percent of men and 37 percent of women were found to have blood pressure within the normal limits (120/80 or below). 40 people also completed the heart health assessment, and 181 completed the BMI assessment, finding 23 percent of men within desirable BMI limits (18.5-24.9) and 47 percent overweight (25.0-29.9), compared to 36 percent of women overweight and 43 percent in the desirable range.

Fremont Health also provides free blood pressure screenings at the Fremont Mall from 8:30 – 10 a.m., on the third Tuesday of each month.

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