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Fremont Health Employees Honored at Annual Banquet

Fremont Health held its annual Employee Recognition and Awards Banquet at Christensen Field in Fremont on June 13, 2018. During the ceremony, employees who reached service milestones were honored, and the 2018 Caring Kind Award winner was announced.

Jolynn Hartman, RN, was selected as this year’s Caring Kind Award recipient. Hartman joined Fremont Health in 1988, working in Labor/Delivery and Pediatrics at the Medical Center.

Other worthy award finalists were Tracy Moore from Acute Care Nursing (Labor and Delivery) and Barb Waninger from Dunklau Gardens.

The Caring Kind award is a time-honored tradition of the Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA), recognizing outstanding healthcare employees who have demonstrated compassion for patients, cooperation with coworkers, and dedication to providing the best care possible. Hospitals across the state select one Caring Kind recipient from within their respective institutions to be recognized during the NHA Annual Convention.

“Not only does Jolynn provide impeccable patient care, but she leads the Labor and Delivery team in innovation, organization, and passion,” said Melinda Kentfield, Director of Acute Nursing. “Jolynn doesn’t just give mentally and emotionally day in and day out, she also gives physically – Jolynn has offered to donate a kidney to a co-worker and is currently in the process of being evaluated for that gift. Jolynn is not just a nurse. She is a leader, an advocate, a facilitator, a mentor, a teacher, and a donor."

In addition, the following employees were honored for their years of service.

5 Years: Gena Popken, Jonathan Ciochon, Scherry Wittmann, Kimberli Martin, Curtis Friedrich, Melissa Heavican, Barbara Drabik, Erin Ring, Brian Elliott, Jill Kloke, Teresa Frost, Sandra Wardman, Kimberly Blackford, Jared Boldt, Angela Meiergerd, Brittney Lengeling, Nicki Klein, Brian Patterson, Karen Felderman, Melissa Hammond, Victoria McElroy, Nikea Brady, Megan Hayden, Deann Reese, Jena Seitz, Meadow Scott, Jamie Anderson, Courtney Sund, Thomas Hubbert, Caroline Massey-Franklin, Nicole Dix, Gerald Keasling, Karen Lauer-Silva, Mark Leahy, Andrea Stenger, Tracey Cate, Stancie Bushlow, Patricia Rafaela-Hernandez, Tammy Chromy, Molly Grimes Cerritos, Tonie Duncan, Jessica Scheer, William Vobejda, Jr., Manuel Munoz, Lori Hogue, Kimberly Todd, Tracy Leu, Shelly Powley, Ann Finley, Adam Pentel, Shirley Clark, Bridgie Gutgsell, Chelsea Schmitt, Debra Bopp

10 Years: Kate Kuester, Brittney Perina, Kent Padomek, Kelly Heard, Lisa Burrows, Stacie Roberts, Wanda Still, Nicholas Hummel, Charity Westphal, Elizabeth Carstens, Patrick Booth, Jennifer Graff, Christopher Hein, Linda McLain, Darrin Kiger, Jill Gossett, Stacy Shafer, Ann Holtz, Scott Jensen, Wendy Kopejtka, Maria Calderon, Shannon Bartosh, Lisa Clark, Jennifer Vacha, Betty Kermeen, Andrea Vacha, Denise Spilinek, Denise Hoshor

15 Years: Carolyn Larsen, Jimmy Castaneda, Chelsi Kieborz, Christina Reeder, Cherl Mues, Marvin McFarland, Diann Rohwer, Debra Jerina, Susan Bayliff, Cynthia Cook Bouslaugh, Jamey Cassidy, Jo Leichleiter, Teresa Wagner, Jennifer Buer, Scott Obermiller, Barbara Waninger, Terri Reimers, Rachelle Buckingham, Travis Charter, Tierney Schmidt

20 Years: Elizabeth Belmont, Erin Schmidt, Alan Edwards, Cheryl Kavan, Mary Nelson, Lori Roumph, Sara Ness, Beverly Boro, Carol Walker, June Leland

25 Years: Shannon Jenkins, Regina Parks, Debra Dauel, Brenda Rohde, Wendy Andersen, Lanette Morgan, Tara Bullock, Debra Jensen, Angela Perkins, Donna Ruether, Sarah Wallace

30 Years: Anneeta VanBuren, Mark Parks, Lynelle Rief, Brian Brodd, Denise Hansen, Larry Kisby

35 Years: Julie Feurer, Jane Scheuring, Debra Tank, Barbara Hines, Jeanene Lambley, Carol Renter, Susan Thorburn

40 Years: Teresa Andersen, Carolyn Charter, Nancy Kruse

45 Years: Cory Moss

Fremont Health also honored 14 retirees: Nancy Hoppes, Richard Farber, Lisa Schwarz, Rebecca Roberts-Harris, Mary Jo Dinslage, Kathy Hartmann, Billie Bennett, Denise Schultz, Cheryl Nolte, Marcia Beck, Mark Adkins, Cindy Bias, Peg Kennedy, Kimberly Schneider.