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Free Varicose Vein Screening Scheduled for August

Dr. Jeffrey Himmelberg, Interventional Radiologist, will provide free varicose vein screenings on Monday, August 13, from 1 – 3 p.m.

For some people, varicose veins – the gnarled, enlarged veins most commonly found in legs and feet – are just a cosmetic concern. But for other people, they can cause aching pain and discomfort that can sometimes lead to more serious problems or signal a disorder of the circulatory system.

During the screening, Dr. Himmelberg will discuss symptoms and perform a physical exam of the affected areas. An ultrasound test will also be performed to evaluate the function of valves in the veins and detect any venous reflux. Following the screening, Dr. Himmelberg will discuss treatment options, including radiofrequency ablation, an outpatient procedure that which eliminates varicose veins with no scarring and minimal recovery time.

Screenings are held in Fremont Health’s Imaging Center by appointment only and typically take 15 minutes. Call (402) 727-3882 to schedule your free screening.