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Health Park Plaza, 3rd Floor
Start Date
February 1, 2020
End Date
February 1, 2020
Start Time
8:00 am
End Time
1:30 pm
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This comprehensive, abridged one-day class is perfect for those expectant parents unable to attend the traditional class series. This class is designed to be attended during the last three months of pregnancy. 

Childbirth topics include:

  1. Anatomy and physiology of labor
  2. Methods to decrease labor discomfort
  3. Learn effective breathig and relaxation techniquest that enhance delivery
  4. Possible medical interventions of labor; induction, epidural, cesarean birth
  5. Plus much more!

Baby Basics covers:

  1. Normal newborn care.
  2. Car seat safety
  3. General safety precautions of the newborn
  4. SIDS/Shaking baby syndrome
  5. How to calm a fussy baby

The breastfeeding session is designed to assist parents-to-be learn more about the experience of breast feeding. Topics covered:

  1. Advantages of breastfeeding
  2. Basic breast feeding techniques, including preparation, latching on and correct positioning of breast and baby for feeding
  3. Importance of skin-to-skin
  4. How to establish milk supply

Cancellation of the program because of inclement weather will be announced on KHUB/KFMT radio (1340 AM or 105.5 FM), or call 402-727-3759.

Childbirth classes are free if delivering at Fremont Health, otherwise, some charges may apply.

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