COVID-19 and DG

Due to the Department of Health, CDC and State regulatory recommendations, Dunklau Gardens will continue with visitor restrictions until further notice. Maintaining the highest level of protection and well-being for the residents of Dunklau Gardens in regard to Covid- 19 (Coronavirus) is our top priority. Our population is the most susceptible and vulnerable to the impact of this virus. So, to assure an abundance of protection for the residents we serve, we will continue with the following measures: 

  • All visitors are restricted access to the facility. 
  • All staff must mask while in the facility in patient care areas. 
  • Residents and staff will use frequent hand washing or hand sanitizer.
  • Resident who must leave the facility for physician office visits or procedures will be asked to mask. We will limit visits to essential visits only.
  • Staff returning from vacations are required to call into employee health for screening and further instruction prior to returning to work. 
  • We are screening residents and staff for signs and symptoms of cough/fever/sore throat, traveling to areas outside the US or to areas within the US as deemed at risk areas or someone who has been in contact with anyone that has tested positive for Covid 19. Should any of these questions be positive, they will be immediately masked if not already, restricted from the facility until cleared, residents would be please in precautions until cleared.
  • We can assure you that residents are all well cared for and are continuing their otherwise normal routines. Should you want to speak with your loved one or visually see them, we can arrange a “face-time” visit via cellular phone, please make this request and we are happy to arrange this. 

While we appreciate this is very disruptive to our resident’s normal living environment, we believe it is in the overall best interest of our resident’s well-being and ultimately will be a temporary inconvenience. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the front desk at 402-727-3795 and they will route your call or question to the most appropriate person. Thank you again for your ongoing support during this most difficult time.