GolFit Program at Fremont Health

GolFit is a golf fitness and performance enhancement program specially designed to improve strength, flexibility and balance, thereby increasing distance, enhancing playing performance and satisfaction, and preventing and/or alleviating injury.

The program includes a six-step evaluation of the golf swing to recognize soft tissue restrictions, decreased joint mobility, strength deficits, balance issues and more. A program is then tailored to the golfer based on the findings in the evaluation and the goals stated by the golfer. If the golfer is working with a PGA teaching professional, we'll work in conjunction with the pro to make sure the golfer is working towards his or her teacher's goals.

  • Indoor hitting area
  • Video swing analysis
  • Personalized program designed by a licensed physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist

Call (402) 727-3329 to find out what GolFit at Fremont Health Medical Center can do for you.