Our History


Original building in 1940.

Building in 1953

The Fremont Hospital was originally built in 1897 and was located at the corner of Fourth and Broad.

Fremont Health Medical Center, in its current location at 450 East 23rd, was chartered in 1940 and was one of the only hospitals in Northeastern Nebraska. Then known as Dodge County Hospital, it had 50 beds and received its first patient on May 23, 1940.

1940    Dodge County Hospital
1945    Dodge County Community Hospital
1971    Memorial Hospital of Dodge County
1996    Fremont Area Medical Center
2014    Fremont Health (Medical Center)

A brief history of Fremont Health:
1940:  Dodge County Hospital opens its doors
1945:  The hospital becomes Dodge County Community Hospital
1947:  An expansion results in the new North Wing
1960:  The long-term care unit, known as the Chronic Disease Annex, is opened (now known as Dunklau Gardens)
1964:  The hospital achieves Joint Commission accreditation
1971:  The hospital becomes Memorial Hospital of Dodge County
1972:  Extensive renovations begin that include a six-story tower and two new floors
1976:  Pathfinder Hotel explosion in Fremont.  18 were killed.  50 injured patients were brough to the hospital
1976:  Hospital Foundation is established
1981:  5th floor is completed, adding 30 beds
1988:  Outpatient Surgery area doubles in size
1990:  50th Anniversary of the hospital
1991:  Addition of 46 private rooms added to the long-term care unit, which was officially renamed A. J. Merrick Manor, after Dr. A. J. Merrick, a Fremont physician (now known as Dunklau Gardens)
1996:  The Rehabilitation Center undergoes a $2.5 million renovation
           The hospital becomes Fremont Area Medical Center
           The Medical Center achieves accreditation as a Community Hospital Cancer Center
1997:  Renovation occurs on the first floor with the relocation of Patient Accounts and the expansion of Cancer Services
1998:  Construction/remodeling continues with plans for the redesign of the front lobby and the surgical areas to be completed by the year 2000
2000:  Medical Center becomes one of the first hospitals in the state to offer newborn hearing screening tests
2002:  The Medical Center is one of the first hospitals in eastern Nebraska to begin offering the BNP blood test to assist physicians in the diagnosis of congestive heart failure
           Medical Center is actively involved in the coordination/formation and a member of the Three Rivers District Health Department board
2003:  A 12,500-square-foot Emergency Department is added
2004:  Medical Center receives the state Edgerton Quality Award, Progress level (1 of only 3 hospitals in the state at this level)
           Medical Center becomes the first community hospital and one of only 4 hospitals in the state to offer robotic-assisted technology in surgery
2007:  The Medical Center and campus goes tobacco free
2008:  The Imaging Center opens
2009:  The East Campus is renovated and a medical office building is added
2012:  Fremont Surgical Group and Healthcare for Women join the Medical Center
2013:  Fremont Medical Associates – Internal Medicine joins the Medical Center
          The Medical Center introduces Fremont Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine
          The Building a Healthy Future project is launched
2014:  Medical Center acquires the Fremont Surgical Center
          The Medical Center becomes Fremont Health